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For over 45 years Control Chief Corporation has been the leader in designing, manufacturing and servicing Industrial Remote Control, serving a wide variety of industries.

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We provide industrial remote control solutions across a wide range of industries and applications. Your needs and requirements are very important to us. So important, they have become the basis of our current and future product development.




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Case Studies

Industrial Remote Control | Control Chief Corporation

“It’s saving us so much time and money!”

“Helps us serve the public quicker!”

“There’s is no reason anymore for us to have downtime!”

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  • Efficient and On Demand

    It is so much more efficient because we did a lot of stone loading off that dock, so as you’re dumping stone in the cars, you are trying to communicate with the engineer to move the cars, and it’s hard to do that because you always have that delay. Now it’s on demand… you’re standing there and you can move that when you are ready to move it and you don’t have that delay. It’s saving you so much time and money.

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    Efficient and On Demand
    Locomotive Engineer
  • In and Out Quicker

    We can choose what door we want to open. If we have to get into the other ambulance station across town, we can get into that as well… the other issue is the distance from which we can open the door. Now, we can get in and out of traffic quicker because of the Access 1000.

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    In and Out Quicker
    Jeff Kloss
  • No More Downtime

    It helped us out by putting the engineer right beside us… He can see how quickly the coal is coming out. He’s more involved in the whole process. There’s no reason anymore for us to have downtime.

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    No More Downtime
    Jeremy Wyatt
    Maintenance Engineer
  • Time Is Of The Essence

    With our older overhead door opener, sometimes we were right in front of the building, and unable to open the door, obviously, time is of the essence…  but now The Access 1000 helps us serve the public quicker.

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    Time Is Of The Essence